The Leading NFL Betting Websites for 2023

Find the top NFL betting sites for 2023 in one convenient location. Start betting immediately at one of the below-recommended sportsbooks, or continue reading for advice on reading a betting line, bet kinds, and more.



Using a combination of analytical research and first-hand experience, our team of specialists has analyzed some of the leading sportsbooks in the industry to determine the top NFL betting sites. Whether you are new to online NFL betting or simply seeking the finest activity, any of the sportsbooks on our list should provide you with a first-rate betting experience.

Betting on NFL Games


Betting on the NFL may appear to be as simple as selecting a game and putting a wager, but it is crucial to have a solid betting plan in place beforehand. If you are betting for the first time or need a reminder, attempt the following four steps.


Find a trustworthy sportsbook.

Find a legitimate, suitable sportsbook. Our team of specialists has spent many hours identifying the top NFL betting sites that are regulated, safe, and secure. Register with one of the respectable sites you locate on the list we’ve provided and then proceed.


2 Acquaint Yourself With Bet Types

You may wager against the spread, on the moneyline, or on the totals for NFL games. In addition, online NFL betting companies provide a variety of props, futures, and parlays for more daring gamblers. Before placing a wager, it’s important to have a thorough grasp of each type of wager; we’ll cover them all in a moment.


3 Search for weekly margins

Instead of wagering on every game over the season, seek for those with favorable odds. This might involve devoting time each week to researching a team’s playing style or position groups’ potential performance against them. The more your knowledge of the teams and players, the better your wagers will be.


4 Manage Your Bankroll

One of the golden laws of gambling is that you should only wager money that you can afford to lose. Set a limit on the amount you will wager and stick to it. The average NFL season consists of 17 weeks, and most experts advocate risking just 2-5% of your bankroll every wager. Thus, even if you have a losing week, you may continue wager throughout the entire season.

How We Assess the Leading NFL Betting Websites


Our mission is to assist you in selecting a trustworthy NFL betting service. Before making our list of recommended sportsbooks, each must undergo a stringent evaluation procedure. Listed below are the criteria and methodology we use to rank the top NFL sportsbooks.


Security & Safety

Security and safety are essential for any quality NFL betting website. In each evaluation, we do a comprehensive background check encompassing a website’s licences, certifications, and auditing procedures. In addition, we evaluate the site’s security, including whether it has anti-fraud technologies and the most recent SSL encryption.


Security & Safety

NFL Betting Odds and Betting Range

No NFL sportsbook is complete without an extensive selection of odds and wagering opportunities. Most sites provide spread wagers, moneylines, and totals, but what about proposition wagers and futures? Only sportsbooks offering a vast selection of wager kinds and markets will make the cut.


NFL Betting Odds and Betting Range Bonuses and Promotions

The bulk of online NFL sportsbooks will provide new players with a sign-up bonus. Some of them can be quite profitable, while others can be less lucrative than they initially appear. We examine the terms and conditions of each sportsbook’s welcome bonus to guarantee that the incentives they provide are legitimate.


Bonuses & Special Offers

Customer Service

A variety of customer service alternatives are vital for an NFL betting website. We aim to ensure that each sportsbook offers around-the-clock customer service via live chat, email, or phone. In addition, we need experienced support agents that go above and beyond to give superior customer care.


Customer Service Mobile App & Mobile

The most common way to wager on the NFL online today is by smartphone or tablet. To be considered, a sportsbook must offer a mobile-friendly website or an app that is simple to use. We want to see that a sportsbook has been tailored for mobile wagering with a clean interface, elegant design, and straightforward navigation.


App & Mobile Final Verdict

If a sportsbook meets all of the above criteria, it will be included on our shortlist. Our staff of reviewers is tasked with maintaining accurate rankings and monitoring a sportsbook’s performance throughout the year.

NFL Betting Sites FAQ


Why do NFL betting odds differ between online bookmakers?

NFL bookies will modify the odds based on how people are betting once bets begin coming in. If one side is receiving the majority of wagers, a bookmaker will adjust the odds to balance the book.


How frequently do NFL odds online change?

Constantly changing odds. More often than not, chances will alter when new information is revealed, such as unanticipated injuries or player substitutions that will impact the game.


What is the meaning of “spread” in NFL wagering?

Point spread is the shorthand for spread. This wager is often the first on an NFL betting line and reflects the number of points a team is favored by according to the oddsmaker.


What is the moneyline when betting on the NFL?

The moneyline is a wager in which punters choose the overall winner. The moneyline is featured next to the point spread on NFL betting lines.


How do the chances of plus and minus work?

The plus (+) symbol on an NFL betting line signifies the underdog, while the negative (-) sign suggests the favorite to win.


How is juice calculated in NFL betting lines?

The ‘juice’ is the betting commission charged by a sportsbook. Nearly every point spread and total will have -110 as the most frequent odds. This implies that for every $110 wagered, you will gain $100, which is the juice.


Are incentives available for NFL betting?

Yes, the majority of sportsbooks give incentives or free wagers to new customers as part of their welcome package. Check out the preceding list for a selection of the available bonuses.

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