Rules, Cost, and Odds for the Chilean Polla

There has always been one gambling game that far outstrips the competition. The lottery is that game. Many national lotteries have emerged as a direct result of this. Polla Chilena, Chile’s national lottery, is today’s topic. The Polla Chilena is the authorized site for Chile’s state-run lottery. They oversee and manage the many national lottery games. Today’s tutorial will center on explaining the ins and outs of Chile’s national lottery. So, let’s analyze each facet of the situation.

Polla Chilena: How to Play

The concept of lotteries is common knowledge. The game’s premise is straightforward. The object of the game is to pick a set of numbers that you think will be drawn. Larger payouts will be given for correct answers to more numerical questions. Your Polla Chilena lottery ticket will only contain the numbers you choose. At the time of purchase, you’ll pick your numbers from a different sheet. Pick 6 numbers from a possible 41 for the Loto Clásico.



Your ticket will only feature the numbers you select unless you play the optional bonus games. The optional extras will be discussed in a little. You’ll need to scan the barcode on your ticket to see if you won or not.


There are three different ways to acquire a Polla Chilena lottery ticket. A lottery ticket can be purchased at any official lottery machine. You can buy it directly from Polla Chilena. You can also buy tickets at specific online lottery casinos.


A choose sheet will be provided if you purchase your ticket from a store. The selection sheet will seem different depending on whatever lottery you’re entering. Pick 6 digits to play Loto Clásico.On the other hand, you’ll need three digits to play Loto 3.


Pick your numbers and then go pick up your ticket at the store. You’ve reached the final stage. There is nothing else you can do but wait. The only time you’ll need to return to the store is if you want to double-check your results. The ticket is available for purchase on the website indicated earlier. Tickets can also be purchased through several official ticketing websites. Tickets are also available there for purchase.


Polla Chilena features four distinct game categories. Play games like Racha, Loto 3, and Loto 4 or the classic Loto Clásico. Each of these games offers a unique experience. You should check the benefits to see if it is worthwhile.


If you choose, you can also choose the numbers at random. You can also buy tickets in advance if you like. For those who enjoy playing the lottery frequently, this is a fantastic choice. If you choose this path, be mindful of your spending habits.


The Chilean Polla Game’s Norms

We’ve covered the several games available at Polla Chilena earlier. They differ from one another in subtle ways. You need to know the regulations of each lottery in order to play it correctly. As the most played lottery in Chile, we’ll be covering Loto Clásico’s regulations here. No rollover limit means you can cash out as much as you want. Therefore, let us get started.


Potential Winnings and Odds

Knowing the odds can help you become a better player in any game that relies on chance. This holds true for the best online bingo sites as well as for lottery games. Lotteries have predetermined odds, so scheming your way to a win is futile. Loto Clásico now includes a bonus ball. In light of this, you can anticipate 8 distinct levels of benefits. Each of the eight levels has its own set of odds.


It is a 1 in 4,496,388 shot that all six of the key numbers will come up.

The probability of a win while using the standard 5 plus 1 number scheme is 1 in 149,398.

The chances of hitting the big five are barely 1 in 22,041.

The probability of correctly selecting all 5 numbers plus the bonus is only 1 in 8,816.

The probability of winning a lottery using only the primary four digits is 1 in 534.

The probability of a winning combination consisting of 3 main numbers and 1 bonus number is 1 in 401.

The probability of winning is 1 in 38, and there are just three key numbers.

The chances of winning with just 2 main numbers and 1 bonus number are just 1 in 50.

Tickets to the Polla Chilena cost

What is the price of the ticket, then? How much money will you need to gamble on winning the huge jackpot? In this section, we’ll discuss those matters in detail. At Polla Chilena, the Chilean Peso is the only accepted currency. It costs one thousand pesos to play the bare-bones version of Loto Clásico. You get one chance at the prize by picking any six numbers from a possible 41.


As we’ve already mentioned, you can choose from a variety of extra minigames. The “Recargado” option allows you to re-enter the same numbers for a second chance at winning. You’ll need to set aside another 500 pesos for this.


Play “Revancha” if you want a third chance. It’s like playing “Recargado” again, but with a third chance. The cost of “Revancha” is 300 pesos in addition to the cost of “Recargado” and the main game. The songs “Desquite” and “Jubilazo” are what you’ll want to listen to if you’re hoping for a fourth or fifth opportunity. The price per item is 200 and 500 pesos, respectively. The “Multiplicar” bonus game costs an additional 500 pesos to play. The full collection of bonus games will cost you three thousand pesos.

The Chilean Lottery Poll


Polla Chilena’s popularity likely stems primarily from the jackpot. The jackpot can grow to absurd proportions due to the lack of a rollover limit. You may potentially become a millionaire or perhaps a billionaire if you win the jackpot.


The minimum jackpot value begins at 250,000,000 Chilean Pesos. If no one is lucky enough to win when the drawings are held, this could reach staggering proportions. The value of the various levels of rewards is not predetermined. Since there is no set amount of money for the prize pool, the winners will each receive a specific amount. In most lotteries, the bonus numbers are associated with lower payouts, but this is not the case in the Polla Chilena. If you get a bonus number, you should consider yourself extremely fortunate.


Spending additional money on the finest online casinos’ bonus games is a great idea if you’re feeling lucky. If the prize pool is variable in size, you should aim to win more money while the pool is at its highest. However, we must stress the need of being frugal.


Highest Accomplishment

Polla Chilena has a history of awarding ludicrously large rewards because there is no cap on the amount that can be won. And despite the astronomical chances, it is possible to win the jackpot. Let’s examine some of the most notable triumphs to learn more.


In 2019, a winner took home 10.3 billion Chilean Pesos after hitting the jackpot. A player previously won $8 billion in Chilean Pesos in 2016. You can see how high the stakes may reach and that winning them is conceivable.


The Outcome of the Chilean Poll

Loto Clásico results are released every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The ticket will be available for purchase right up until showtime. You’ll have to wait for the next available opportunity if you miss this one.


On draw days, the drawing of the balls begins at 21:00 local time. In a few of minutes, the data is available online. Visit their webpage to view the outcomes online. It’s really efficient, with findings being uploaded nearly instantaneously.


Here’s How to Get Your Chilean Polla Prize

If the total value of your award doesn’t exceed 30,000 Chilean pesos, you can claim it at any Polla Chilena office. Prizes in excess of that amount must be claimed at the Polla Chilena de Beneficencia offices. Between the hours of 9 AM and 2 PM, you are welcome to stop by the offices. If you have a winning ticket, you can claim your prize at the main cash register.


When you win money when gambling online, the funds will be deposited immediately into the bank account you have designated. This is a reliable and productive technique. This is a great option if you’d rather not go through the trouble of collecting the prize yourself.


Paying Taxes on These Awards

In Chile, the government takes 17% of lottery wins. But does that imply that you must forego a portion of your prize money to pay taxes? Fortunately, Polla Chilena already takes care of your tax obligations. Winnings from permitted websites played from outside of Chile may be subject to taxation. However, that is conditional on your current location. You don’t have to pay taxes on lottery wins if your jurisdiction doesn’t impose them.

The Way We See It: Polla Chilena


We think it’s a good idea to try your luck in any of the Polla Chilena lotteries. In particular, the annual Loto Clásico. The jackpot can grow to enormous proportions thanks to the absence of a rollover requirement, increasing your potential winnings. This means you should give it a shot.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Chilean Poll

Feel free to refer to this section for more explanation of any of the issues raised.


When do the draws for the Polla Chilena take place?


On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 21:00 (local time), there are drawings.


Whose property is the Chilean Polla?


Comité Sistema de Empresas is in charge of managing and monitoring Polla Chilena.


How likely are you to become Chile’s next Polla Chilena champion?

To match all six primary numbers is an extremely long shot. It’s 1 in 4,496,388.

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