Game of Slots Available Online Called Tractor Beam

When it comes to gaming providers, Nolimits City is generally unknown, which is a great shame when taking into consideration the variety of one-of-a-kind online slots they offer. We consider ourselves quite fortunate to have discovered onto them when playing at Kaboo Casino, who also house a broad variety of other Nolimit City games. Their slot release, Tractor Beam, which has a farm-slash-alien themed, features graphic styles that stand out from the rest, such as the ones you’ll come across on the game. This particular slot machine creates an atmosphere that is both spooky and humorous at the same time. It does this by combining a futuristic synth mash-up soundtrack that is packed with authentic night-time noises with a comedic opening scene that features a variety of farm animals floating in mid-air within each of the game’s five reels, which, in this case, are displayed as light beams shining down from space rather than the typical rigid lines. Before we briefly return to Kaboo Casino, let’s take a cursory look at Tractor Beam’s game parameters, including its coin values, symbols, and special features, and then we’ll discuss how to play the game.

Bet Sizes and Paylines

Due to the large betting range of 0.20 to 100 credits each spin, the online slot game Tractor Beam is playable by a diverse group of people who enjoy playing slots online. If you want to know which choice is best for you, all you have to do is decide how much money you want to spend on amusement and give yourself enough leeway to adjust that number up or down according to how much money you have in your account at any given time throughout your gaming session. Take notice that this online slots game includes a total of 20 paylines, with winning combos being paid out in a progression starting from left to right.


Symbols and Characteristics

The low-paying collection of symbols consists of stylized versions of the A, K, Q, and J card suits. Payouts for these symbols range anywhere from 25 to 600 credits. The high-paying assortment of symbols includes an alien Wild, in addition to a chicken, a sheep, a pig, and a cow. The rewards for these symbols range from 30 to 1500 credits. Then there are the features, which include Clone Attack!, Beam ‘Em Up!, and Abduction Spins, each of which gives you the opportunity to win up to 12 Free Spins at a time. The Beam ‘Em Up! feature beams up all low-paying and Scatter symbols, taking them from the reel and replacing them with other symbols. The Clone Attack! feature selects a high-paying symbol at random to stack 4-up on a reel, and the Beam ‘Em Up! feature beams up all low-paying and Scatter symbols.


Game Settings

After you have activated the slot on the device of your choice, you will be able to personalize various settings to fit your preferences. These settings include the ability to enable or disable music, sound effects, and the display of a clock. In addition, there is a quick access volume icon located to the bottom left of the reels. By activating this item, you will have the option to either totally silence the audio or have it continue playing while the reels are being spun.


The autoplay settings for the game can be found and adjusted using the play button that is located to the right of the spin button. The lightning icon that is located to the left of the spin button initiates the turbo spin mode for the game.


Where You Can Locate the Tractor Beam

One of the most engaging of the online slot games offered by Kaboo Casino is called Tractor Beam, which was developed by Nolimit City. If you are a new member, before you get started playing the games, make sure to check for information on how to claim the welcome offer that has been extended to you.

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